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What is AAU? AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. As a district we play in the Mid-Atlantic Region, the top teams qualify for seeding to compete on three (3) division levels. This is a National Organization which is dedicated to amateur athletic sports. 

Registration Fees? The registration fees pay towards the cost of aau registration cards, tournaments, uniforms, equipment, gym fees and insurance. 

When are tryouts? Each team will have three (3) tryouts in the early month of February, location will be posted on our website as soon as possible. No player is guaranteed a spot, there for each play is encouraged to make all tryouts to ensure she has received a fair look and evaluation for a team.  

Regionals/Nationals? Each team will compete in their district qualifiers and nationally; which would be but not limited to AAU nationals, U.S. Junior Nationals & Summer Exposure tournaments. You pay alot of money to know where your child's team compares to the large market venues and to have exposure, this is why we do not do the less known tournaments. Sum

Fundraising? Each player/ team will be asked to participate in the organizations fundraising events, such events go directly to expenses for the trip to nationals. The registration fee is just a percentage of the total balance needed to each team everything they need to compete at the highest levels.

Practices? Each team has two (2) days of practice and one (1) day for training/skill building/strength and conditioning. All players and coaches are expected to be at each and every practice, it is only fair to all the kids and parents who sacrifice their time for the team. And practice is where we get better as a team.

Coaches? Coaches are commuted adults who have great knowledge of the game and are great communicators, each team has atleast two (2), each coach is asked to provide a safe environment, encouraging and has to be a teacher of the game we call basketball. Their time is donated free of charge, so we appreciate those that coach for us as we would expect that the parents do the same.  

What are the PA Running Rebels goals? Each player is to grow as an individual mentally and physically. The idea behind creating these aau teams are to give these girls to spot light and growth to play they game they love and to be successful. All of our girls should gain college exposure as they play a hard tough and recognized schedules. Last but not lest they should come out of each season loving the game of basketball and also still be willing to continue their success on and off of the court.

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